Reading Specialist

Reading Specialist
Mrs. Nicole Jordan - [email protected]

Mrs. Jordan's Reading Room


1.    Pick the right books- Make sure it’s a book your child will enjoy.

2.    Read aloud-Use different voices for the characters and use an expressive voice.  Take turns reading aloud.

3.    Encourage all forms of reading- Magazines, graphic novels, and other great reading materials feel less like a school assignment, but still help your child practice and improve his or her reading skills.

4.    Choose books about his or her interests

5.    Create a reading space- Create a reading area where your child can relax and read.  Nooks and forts with blankets, pillows, and lots of books are fun. Don’t be afraid to join in!

6.    Make connections between books and life- Relating books to your child’s own experiences allows connections to be made.  Read about the places you are going to visit or the activities you are going to do. This will help make reading and learning more exciting for your child.

7.    Let your child choose- Giving him or her a choice of what to read helps your child feel like they have more control and will in turn be more excited to read.

8.    Listen to audiobooks- For children who find reading frustrating, audio books are a great alternative and help make reading more enjoyable, while still helping your child improve his or her comprehension skills.  Audio books are great for a road trip!

9.    Start a series- Book series are a great way to keep your child’s interest in reading.  It allows them to get to know the characters better and eliminates the problem of figuring out what to read next.  Another option is reading multiple, non-series books written by the same author.

10. Take a trip to the library- The library is a great FREE resource where you and your child can find lots of books to read!  

Many children dislike reading simply because they don’t have the necessary reading skills.  If your child avoids opening a book at all costs, talk to his or her teacher about strategies to help develop reading motivation.  Remember that learning starts at home. Be a reading role model!

1 for ways to encourage your child to read.   

A good book is very nearly my definition of fun. 


Looking for fun, fun, fun? 
Check these fabulous reading sites for book suggestions, activities, and games!





Reading is to the mind what exercising
is to the body. 

Sir Richard Steele

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